Operation Prom Night

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The Save a Life Campaign will be speaking at Sherrard High School in Sherrard, Illinois, on Wednesday, May 2nd. The theme of the engagement is “Where do You Stand?”

It Get’s Better

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Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better project–a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.  

Dateline:’My Kid Would Never Do That: Driving’

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Teen Drinking and Driving: Parental Sanity Savers and 4 Critical Tips to Boost Your Teen’s Safety. By Dr. Michele Borba  

The Value of Moral Courage

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Courage is a highly admired virtue. Most often we associate the word with physical prowess or bravery. But there’s another form of valour that’s much more important because it comes up more often. It’s called moral courage – the willingness to face not physical danger but emotional pain, disapproval, financial insecurity, or uncertainty rather than ...