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Colin P. Fahrenkamp Memorial Foundation

Save A Life Campaign Board of Directors

Megan Fahrenkamp Callan
Colin’s Sister/Executive Director
Email: SaveALifeCampaign@gmail.com

Megan is a sister, a daughter, a friend, a wife and mother. That is why she is the Executive Director of the Colin P. Fahrenkamp Foundation and its Save A Life Campaign. As Colin’s sister she carries the memories of his spirit and the pain of his absence. As a daughter, she has witnessed the emotional devastation such a loss had on her parents. As a friend she has felt the comfort of a hug in times of sorrow as well as the frustration of watching the self destructive acts of her peers. As a wife,she has learned the joy and responsibility of keeping another’s heart in her care. Finally, as a mother, she knows that the message of moral courage may save the life of her own child. With this background and a passion to make a difference, Megan has dedicated her life to the success of the foundation which bears her brother’s name and its message.

Dave Fahrenkamp
Colin’s Dad/Founder

Dave is a lawyer, a mediator, and a university instructor but, if you ask him, he will tell you that the best job he ever had was being a Dad to Megan and Colin. That’s the reason he speaks to high school assemblies, grade school classes, military groups or to any one who will listen to the simple message that tough choices made at the right time saves lives. He wants his legacy to be this movement to change the way our children respond to critical moments in life, a son who has inspired the movement and a daughter who makes it a reality.

Fritz Fahrenkamp
Colin’s Mom/Founder

Fritz is a gifted teacher who has touched the lives of children for almost thirty years. During that time she has observed the acts of kindness and courage as well as the acts of cruelty committed by children who are trying to find their place with their peers. More importantly she is a mother who has the wisdom that comes with raising a child… and with losing one. She has an exhaustive memory for resources and is always ready with a referral or an idea to help a parent or peer get the right tools to help with encouraging the right choice. She reminds all about her of the beauty and fragility of life and brings that part of Colin with her to every task the Foundation undertakes.

Jack Hanley
Don Goble

Kelly Corday

Steering Committee

Christina Stremlau
Cory Clines
Emily McCune
Claire Belz
Alex Barake
Grant Landon
Dan Benken