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Save A Life » Letter To Our Community

January 20th, 2006 our son Colin Fahrenkamp lost his life in a car accident just up the street from our home. Our family felt it was important to let you know we care about you and your children by writing this letter to our community parents and students.

Of all the things you achieve each day, of all the goals you set, there is one thing you can do that is most important to the people who love you.

Get home safely.

It seems like such a simple request and sometimes we tend to take it for granted that our loved ones will be safely in our arms at day’s end. Well it’s not that simple. We know it. Our loved one Colin did not make it home safely. That’s why we want to reach out to you. We don’t want anyone to feel the pain, the loss, and the heartache we’ve had to suffer.

Save a Life.

Start with your own life. Let’s not kid ourselves. You know what it takes. It starts with having moral courage. Look at your children and tell them what you expect of them to make it home safely. Don’t be afraid of their response. Look at your friends and tell them what you expect of them. If you are a true friend, you will have the courage to tell them what they need to know, not what they want to hear.

Use common sense.

Does someone really need to tell you not to drink and drive or to wear a seat belt? It’s not about knowing what to do. It’s about doing what you know. You know the difference between safe and stupid. Stupid may be funny. Your friends can be funny or cool for a moment, but if they are stupid it can be for a lifetime.

It’s time to act.

Now it’s time to show what you’re made of. Now is the time to show some moral courage. Now is the time to save a life. Start with your own. Get home safely.

We love you all.

Dave, Fritz and Megan Fahrenkamp
The Colin P. Fahrenkamp Memorial Foundation.

“A beautiful life came to an end,
he died as he lived, everyone’s friend.”

Colin Fahrenkamp 2/22/1986-1/20/2006

Colin P. Fahrenkamp
Save A Life Campaign

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