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Save A Life » Bully-Official Trailer

Bully-Official Trailer

Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in News | 2 Comments


  1. Tay
    March 21, 2012

    I’m being bullied at school,, its hard to fit in that’s why I try to be different BUT being different may have its consciouses……. People don’t get you,, so they tend to pick on you. I’m being picked on a 18 year old girl….. And I’m 13,, she tends to pick on me on the smallest things and when I try to tell my teacher she lashes out on me. The point
    Is people who is reading this,, don’t be afraid to talk!! Scream if u have to,, I’m sure people will be there for you. Just tell.

  2. Lizzie
    May 14, 2012

    Hello my name is Elizabeth and I was bullied really badly I live in Mexico and here it wasn’t such a big deal, no one listened ’cause the term didn’t exist yet but even though it didn’t had a name it was real, every year I got bullied, I used to eat lunch hidden in the bathroom when I was a little girl, I also remember being at high school and I still had to get out of class running so fast ’cause I just couldn’t stop crying, they told me horrible stuff, the got into my messenger (yeah I know so old haha) and used to put aweful things in my name it really hurt and I felt so broken, so lost, I just couldn’t go on, so one day it got me into a destructive relationship, it was so easy to fall for it… I mean you felt so miserable, so you could imagine it really got worst, he destroyed the few good things I believed of myself, he made me believe he was the only one in the world who would ever care for me, but the truth was that he wasn’t so one day I realized who I really was, the amazing girl I am, and I walked away, since then I had to work really, REALLY hard to never ever allow anyone to treat me like that, no one can ever treat you in anyway you wouldn’t treat yourself, so now I’m just about to graduate collage, I’ve my own company, I’ve taken vacations to Paris, London, L.A., Barcelona, Florence, Venece, Rome, Dubrovnik, just in this year, I have found great people I dare to call not just friends but brothers I found great love and support in my family (who I must add felt aweful when they found out the hell I lived in) and I’m waiting for my true partner to arrive… and I know, I REALLY DO KNOW, how hard it is hearing “don’t worry” it’ll get better, when day after day you struggle, but with all my heart I do tell you It WILL ’cause I’ve been there and I’ve fight the same battles, and finally I got my reward, I AM NOW THE PERSON I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE, I HAVE THE LIVE I FOUGHT FOR :D please do the same, fight for your dreams, fight for your own believes, but most of all, FIGHT FOR YOURSELF open your eyes and know you ARE WORTH IT ;) no price will ever be to high to pay for your own life.

    With all my love,


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