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Save A Life » Courage and Small Crimes

Courage and Small Crimes

Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 in News | No Comments

I am restless.

Every day, I have this feeling that something big is about to happen…something good. I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but I know it is there. I don’t want to think about it too much because I’m afraid that the feeling will evaporate with the analysis.  So I have decided not to do the analysis and instead accept it as a gift.

I am never disappointed.

Something good always happens. By evening, when I inventory the events of the day, there is always a smile, a hug, a word, or a moment given to me that can’t be measured, weighed, or quantified by any scientific method but they are as real as anything I have held in my hands. That inventory not only includes those small acts of courage and kindness given to me but also those I have given. Kindness doesn’t require much. Apply the Golden Rule. It’s not complicated. But courage requires more. It’s like the Golden Rule with personal risk. It’s the risk that makes the act courageous.

Two weeks ago a young man laid across a set of railroad tracks and waited for the train. He died at age 24. I knew his Mother. He didn’t leave a note. He never explained why. Nobody knows what combination of events or factors made him give up. Perhaps it was the accumulation of many small crimes people had committed against him. Maybe if someone had stood up for him or stood by him, he wouldn’t have surrendered. Maybe if someone had stopped him from drinking he would’ve used better judgment. Maybe one small act of courage could’ve made the difference.

I am strong enough to do this.

At some point I have to take a stand. The battles I choose define me. At some point I have to speak up for the underdog. I have to risk embarrassment to prevent a “small crime” to another. Maybe I will be ridiculed. Maybe I will be the target. Maybe…. But if I don’t step up, I will surely lose a piece of myself. I will also lose that feeling that I have every morning that something big will happen…something good.